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You can get the lawn of your dreams in just one click. Homeowners in Chandler, AZ may expect certified artificial turf landscapes that are made to last for many years. That’s what we promise at Chandler Artificial Turf. Launch right away!

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With the installation of artificial turf, take advantage of the enduring effects of an evergreen lawn. When you deal with our team, you're getting the finest of the best with unmatched realism and top-notch craftsmanship. The newest artificial turf technology is available from Chandler Artificial Turf. Our selection of artificial turf offers a permanent answer to watering limits, shade difficulties, and the need for pesticides, fertilizers, and year-round mowing. Artificial turf really pays for itself within a few short years by removing these expensive forms of lawn maintenance. Our artificial turf installer will offer thorough product knowledge, cost-effective options, unique design packages, continuous consulting, and support, whether the installation is for a business or residential property.

Pet spaces, pools, and patios are just a few examples of applications. We offer premium artificial turf that is manufactured only in the US" that looks real and is always green to Chandler area residents and businesses. Our committed artificial turf specialists can help you select the best and most affordable solution, whether you're wanting to update your backyard, dog run, sports field, or playground. Use Chandler Artificial Turf to give your property the lawn of your dreams. Our selection of kid and pet-friendly turf products makes sure that your yard is as functional as it is gorgeous. Your artificial turf looks healthy-looking all year long without needing to be cut, fertilized, or regularly watered. Your property will be the envy of the neighborhood with minimal upkeep and a lush appearance all year long. For a free estimate on installing artificial turf, give us a call right away. We are eager to help you with all of your artificial turf needs.  

Conserve Water By Using Artificial Turf

Artificial grass helps Chandler residents conserve water and lessen their environmental impact through drought-tolerant landscaping. A typical American home uses 300 gallons of water each day, with outdoor consumption accounting for ⅓ of that total. That amounts to about 36,000 gallons of water annually. You can save tens of thousands of gallons each year by converting to artificial turf landscaping since the polyethylene substance in artificial turf doesn't require watering to maintain its beauty. In Chandler, AZ, where water conservation initiatives are urgently needed, landscaping options like artificial turf are a terrific way to help minimize your impact on the environment while also saving time and money on lawn care.

Artificial Turf For Kids And Pets

Artificial turf is the ideal landscaping choice if you have young children that enjoy playing and running outside at home. Due to its high resilience, you can be confident that your lawn will stay healthy and vibrant despite any running, playing, or roughhousing that may take place. Additionally, it reduces the possibility of dirt stains, grass stains, and dog-induced holes. To ensure that your backyard is completely functional for your family, we provide a variety of artificial turf options that have been specifically designed for pet areas and kid play spaces. With artificial turf from Chandler Artificial Turf, you can let your children and pets run about and play without worrying about damaging your yard.

Use Artificial Turf To Create A Paradise Within Your Home

With Chandler Artificial Turf's rapid and simple installation of artificial turf, you can transform your yard from a barren, brown desert into a lush, green haven. For any Chandler home, beautiful artificial turf is a great investment because it improves curb appeal and even raises property value. You can use artificial turf to add detail to your patio, make contemporary stone walkways, or add landscaping elements to the area surrounding your pool deck. With the adaptability and toughness of our artificial turf installation, the design options are essentially limitless.

Save Time & Money With Artificial Turf

Artificial turf is not only exquisite but also quite useful. You can save dozens of hours and hundreds of dollars annually on lawn upkeep thanks to the artificial turf products' low maintenance requirements. Installation expenditures are typically recovered in just two years due to the potential to eliminate landscaping expenses and significantly lower water usage. You no longer have to spend time mowing, pruning, fertilizing, or performing any other lawn maintenance tasks when you have artificial turf. You can spend more time unwinding and taking in the beauty of your brand-new backyard thanks to the hassle-free installation of Chandler Artificial Turf.

Design Your Dream Yard With Artificial Turf

Imagine having a lawn in Chandler, AZ that doesn't require daily summer irrigation and can maintain its green color even during the worst winter frost. One phone call will get you a perpetually green lawn with a lifelike appearance - thanks to our artificial turf. Any company, residence, apartment, or living space can have lovely green artificial turf installed. In order to create a lawn that is unique to you, your family, or your company's needs, we provide a variety of materials with varying levels of durability, color, and pile height. To help you improve your short game wherever you are, we also install artificial turf in residential yards and golf courses.

Chandler Artificial Turf has what you need if you want your backyard to serve as a showpiece, a gathering place for friends, a playground, or a sports field. Our top-of-the-line artificial turf products, premium installations, and unmatched customer service have quickly made us one of the top artificial turf installers in Chandler, AZ. With years of experience, our team can make your dreams a reality and completely transform your home or place of business. Our materials are available in a variety of durabilities to handle different levels of foot traffic. We provide putting greens that can handle any game or long, luscious artificial turf designed for little foot traffic. In order to provide your kids and dogs with more fun while reducing your burden and worry, we also build pet systems and play area grass. To learn more about our artificial turf services and to request a free quotation, contact us right away.

Why Choose Us?

Superior Customer Service

For us, you are more than simply another consumer. We are concerned about your future and family. Join our Chandler Artificial Turf Family by allowing our experts to assist you in creating your ideal lawn.

Family Friendly

From the owners to our personnel to our clients, we are all related. We only offer turf grasses that are the best on the market, made entirely in the United States, cool to the touch, and covered by 15-year guarantees. For many years, we want our customers to enjoy their artificial turf for pleasure, with their families, and with their pets. We won't ever undersell ourselves, and we'll make sure you get the best turf money can buy!

Low Maintenance

Numerous financial advantages come with artificial turf. Contrary to real grass, artificial turf doesn't need expensive lawn care and upkeep like fertilizing, mowing, and irrigation. For Chandler residents and businesses, we only offer the artificial turf that requires the least amount of upkeep.

Pet Friendly

Your dogs are covered by us. Our full variety of artificial grasses guarantees you'll have the best turf for families and pets, and our artificial turf for dogs is not only nationally proven. Teddy never has to worry about scorching surfaces, insects, or mud because he spends all of his time playing on modern turf. Your pet will appreciate it!

Better Than The Natural Grass

Polyethylene fiber is used to produce artificial turf, which has the same texture and appearance as real grass. In order to maximize comfort and performance, our products are designed to be thicker, smoother, and cleaner. Our products are incredibly strong and can resist foot traffic for many years, making them wise investments for landscaping.

Saves You Time

Stop seeding, fertilizing, watering, edging, and mowing. Not to mention, you won't need to maintain a lawnmower, hire a landscaping company to trim and edge your grass, or keep your lawn equipment in your garage or shed. Your days of maintaining a yard and grass are over!

Saves You Money

In the next 20 years, how much money will you spend on your lawn (sod, fertilizers, tool maintenance, patch-filler, reseeding, etc.)? This year, don't use your money to pay for lawn care expenses.

Saves You Water

Is there enough water for everyone? What can we do to save now that water is a valuable resource, especially in the arid region of Arizona? Additionally, local governments in cities and towns may consider fining anyone who uses excessive amounts of water, including those who must water their natural grass. With Chandler Artificial Turf, your lawn won't need to be watered.


All members of the family can safely use artificial turfs. We provide year-round green grass with minimal upkeep for your furriest family members as well as the smallest members of your family. No more excessive water use, gas lawn mower air pollution, or electric lawn mower electricity consumption. Just perfectly trimmed lawn with hardly any work and little to no environmental impact!

Suitable For Various Applications

Artificial turf is a very adaptable material that may be used in a variety of settings and purposes. Our materials can adapt to and withstand any environment, from landscaping to pet runs, golf putting greens to sports field grass.

Offering Expert Artificial Turf Installation Service

Look no farther than Chandler Artificial Turf if you want a lush and lovely yard that matches the look and feel of real grass with essentially no maintenance. We provide top-of-the-line artificial turf products that can assist you in creating the backyard oasis of your dreams. To guarantee your complete satisfaction with your new artificial turf, we place a high priority on customer care and quality assurance. Our top-notch materials and expert installations will significantly raise the appeal and market worth of your house while also saving you time and money over the long run.

Our installations, like the artificial turf products, are distinctive. We are aware that even the best artificial turf can look and play poorly due to inadequate installation. We are dedicated to using installation methods that result in a stunning final product that will last the test of time. We assess each stage of your project to make sure it is successful, including base preparation, nailer boards, cutting, seaming, securing, and finishing. We eliminate the issues frequently connected to bonded seams with our unique backing and seaming technology. Our mechanically bonded seams produce a better-looking installation that is also resistant to fluctuations in weather or temperature. 

We always advise using a professionally trained artificial turf installation team wherever available, especially for commercial projects, sports fields, and playgrounds, even if our proprietary seaming method makes residential do-it-yourself projects easier than ever before. Each task is handled with the utmost care by our artificial turf installers, who take great pride in their work. Their knowledge and experience can make your project a total success, from specialized tools to refined processes. 

We're the Industrial Leader in Artificial Turf Installation

More suppliers and distributors are keen to profit from this flourishing market as demand for artificial turf keeps increasing. Why should you choose Chandler Artificial Turf above the competition when there are so many other companies out there? It comes down to quality and experience, to put it simply. We at Chandler Artificial Turf have a long history and wealth of experience. We have seen this market develop and are familiar with what works, in contrast to other businesses who are trying to meet the new need.

We identified a market need for a non-perforated backing that would provide consistent drainage across the course of the turf, as new competitors in the market have not yet learned about the difficulties that can occur when poking holes into the turf. Due to the years of knowledge behind each of our products and installations, we can guarantee that they were all made to function at their very best and to last. We have complete control over the ingredients used in our artificial turf, and we constantly make changes to make it better. We take great pleasure in manufacturing the best artificial turf available, therefore we wouldn't trust just anyone to install it. To guarantee they follow the right procedure, our artificial turf installers underwent a thorough training program.

Therefore, we keep giving advice and training to make sure their methods stay up to date. You may receive an installation that matches the caliber of our artificial turf by hiring one of our experts. We are the industry leaders in artificial turf, which is one of the reasons we have received praise for our service. Still unsure whether you should hire us? Please feel free to get in touch with us if you have any queries regarding who we are or what we offer.

Our Artificial Turf Services

With the services of Chandler Artificial Turf, you can completely remodel your outdoor living area. Pet-friendly and family-friendly artificial turf are available from us in a number of colors and styles to keep your yard looking lovely while also being simple to maintain. Your yard will have more curb appeal than your neighbors' thanks to our artificial turf alternatives. Families with children or pets, or those who just lack the time to maintain a natural lawn, may consider installing the artificial turf. Almost no upkeep is required with artificial turf to keep your lawn looking wonderful all year long. Your lawn won't have dead patches, stains from grass, or dirt and muck! For your grass and pool, we also supply certified artificial turf.

Chandler Artificial Turf was founded with families in mind. We've discovered that we can offer not just the best products and expert installation because of our incredibly low overhead, concentration on serving the Greater Chandler Area, and use of only the top materials and workmanship. We can accomplish this for a lot less money! Our goal is to make the best experiences more affordable for Chandler residents.

You won't have to water or cut your grass if you choose one of our artificial turf options! Additionally, you won't need to worry about removing those bothersome weeds. With our artificial turf, you may have a lovely, green lawn all year round with only one phone call. In any building that houses a living space or a place of business, we may put gorgeous green artificial turf. You can choose the ideal artificial turf for your yard or place of business because we provide so many different alternatives in terms of colors and textures. With our collection of artificial turf, the options are virtually unlimited! We have distinguished ourselves from the competition in Chandler, AZ, thanks to our superior artificial turf products, dependable installation services, and unrivaled customer service. Give us a call to talk with one of our staff members and receive a free artificial turf installation quote if you're interested in having artificial turf installed and want to experience the difference for yourself.

Artificial Turf Installation in Chandler AZ

With years of combined experience, Chandler Artificial Turf is the dependable choice for installing artificial turf in Chandler, AZ! Everything is handled by our skilled team of experts, from design to installation. Within the artificial turf industry, there is no one who can match this level of knowledge and skill. For lawns, playgrounds, dog runs, pools, patios, decks, and much more, we install a wide variety of artificial turf. In conclusion, having a natural lawn that you can use whenever you want comes with the advantage of not having to pay for lawn care. It is a win-win situation.

Artificial Turf For Dogs in Chandler AZ

We are true animal lovers. We recognize that pet owners who are constantly looking for artificial turf for dogs should be no exception. Pets enjoy our artificial turf, which does not simply dog safe! Because of this, animal rescue organizations choose our team for their requirements. Regardless of the type of pet that completes your family, we offer the best assortment of turf and infill combinations to keep them secure, healthy, and at ease.

Artificial Turf Around Pool in Chandler AZ

Artificial grass not only looks nice around a pool, but it is also safer and less untidy than real grass. Consider the pool area when people are splashing around. When natural grass is wet, muck combines with it, and people can track mud and grass into your home and pool. You avoid the potential of a mess by installing artificial turf around your pool that looks natural. Modern artificial turf that has been laid correctly helps to drain water away from the surface, keeping it dryer than natural grass and lowering the risk of slipping.

Grass Patio in Chandler AZ

The artificial grass patio has advanced significantly. More than ever, it resembles grass in its natural state. Modern artificial turf can mimic the appearance of a real lawn. Not only can we put artificial turf around pools, but we can even put it on your patio. Due to its stunning appearance and low maintenance requirements compared to natural grass lawns, artificial turfs are becoming increasingly popular. Traditional lawns also pose a number of risks, including weed development and bug infestation. Natural lawn maintenance can be highly expensive in water, and the chemicals used to cure common grass might be dangerous.

Transform Your Yard Today! 

Stop searching for "artificial installers near me!" Our artificial turf installers have years of combined experience, and we guarantee to give you the most accurate and reasonable quotes in Chandler, AZ. Both we and our consumers have faith in our services! The best part is that our guarantees last up to 15 years. We never sacrifice quality for efficiency, and we provide our clients with realistic timetables that fit their busy lives. In addition to reduced costs, we at Chandler Artificial Turf attempt to provide the best customer service, ensuring that the project is completed to your total satisfaction. With our top-notch artificial turf services, we'll transform your backyard from ordinary to amazing. As leaders in the field, we are dedicated to making any artificial turf installation for pet areas, pools, and patios simple and straightforward.

Integrity is our utmost fundamental value, and we are dedicated to upholding our stellar reputation and degree of expertise while fostering a safe, effective, and sustainable environment as we collaborate to create a wonderful outdoor living area. Picture yourself lounging by the pool, grilling outside, or simply playing with your dog on artificial turf. You may have all of that and more with our assistance. For a free consultation, get in touch with us today!

Beautiful - Functional - Resistant Artificial Turf

Without the ongoing effort of maintaining a lawn, Chandler Artificial Turf has been offering premium artificial turf that is designed to look and feel like real grass. Artificial turf can last between 15 and 20 years and never needs to be cut, trimmed, or edged. Simply by eliminating the labor-intensive maintenance expenditures associated with typical turf during that time, you can save thousands of dollars. The best option for the environment may be artificial turf. We understand how expensive and water-intensive typical sod grass lawns can be in low-precipitation drought circumstances because our artificial turf installers specialize in backyard makeovers using artificial turfs. Natural sod is becoming a costly alternative for many locations because of rising temperatures and water prices. We now offer artificial turf in Chandler, AZ that can resist any weather as a result.

  • Stop poisoning your lawn and the neighborhood around it with toxic chemicals to get rid of weeds or promote growth.

  • No more watering a grass that is insatiably thirsty.

  • No more lawn mowers with gas engines.

  • No more pricey lawn care contractors.

  • Aesthetically pleasing

There are numerous possibilities for artificial turf. All in all, our artificial turf installation system includes the following steps: preparing the surface on which the artificial turf will be installed; drainage through the backing of the artificial turf; infill material used to support and keep the artificial turf blades upright; and yarn used to create the artificial turf blades. Artificial turf for residential landscaping has a similar appearance and texture to real grass and needs little to no upkeep. All estimates are flexible and free. Get Your free artificial turf estimate today!

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For all of your artificial turf requirements, turn to Chandler Artificial Turf. We have a long history in Chandler, AZ, originating from professional residential and commercial property, making us the preferred option for many property owners. The same technology has been used, and we can now bring it to your lawn. We have devoted years to offering consumers realistic-looking lawns that feature all the advantages of artificial turf. We've done the unthinkable. We guarantee realistic-looking grass that will properly complement your landscape without the ongoing effort of lawn maintenance by blending several yarn kinds.

Technology developments have also been made to make our turf a desirable lawn option for property owners. Our drainage, produced in the United States from components from around the world, is our secret weapon. We provide outstanding performance, simple cleaning, and the ideal grass all year round with our 100 % certified permeable rinse-clean drainage. Both you and your dogs will adore it. Our artificial turf for dogs is created without thatch, giving it a more realistic appearance, more depth, and fewer scents. Animals actually adore our turf, and there's a good reason for that: we've spent decades developing our artificial turf into the famous, leading artificial turf system it is today.

What better way to get excellent service for your artificial turf needs than to work directly with our owners when you contact Chandler Artificial Turf? Over a million square feet of artificial turf have been laid by our artificial turf installers in the Greater Chandler Area. You'll see from looking at our client list that no project is too big or small for us. Additionally, you can apply that caliber to your residential or commercial property. We know turf, and our work speaks for itself. And we'd be delighted to introduce it to you. Let's make it a reality together.

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